13 December, 2018
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Building infrastructure through a different developmental model

Date Added: March 20, 2013 04:12:21 AM
Author: SteinJohn
Category: Business and Economy: Real Estate
Scores of research institutes and other consultancies have been hired by the UAE government to ensure city and local area development that are of international standards.  This approach has seen scores of micro-level developments getting boosted and thereby resulting in capacity building to ensure the maximum utilization of available space for infrastructure development.   The mandate given to most of these consultancies was to do in depth research into land patterns to ensure sustainable local area development.  Sustainability in any development activity was given much emphasis in all the studies undertaken.  Since the aim of the national government was to ensure a better standard of living for its population, there was much support for such endeavors.   Scores of studies were carried out in almost all parts of the UAE and in some areas to get a second opinion, more than two consultancies have worked on a single development model in a particular geographical terrain.  Even though such an option was very costly, the UAE government wanted to implement the best sustainable plan for infrastructure development.   When the recommendations of the researchers and other consultancies were implemented, it resulted in better living and transportation infrastructures and thus moving from one place to another is a hassle free process.  apartments for rent in the prominent places are now getting sold off at a faster pace and there is much demand for built up space from not only the native population but also from the professionals and businessmen from overseas destinations.  Such a development model for city or town development is worth emulating. For more details, please visit our site: http://www.propertyhub.ae/