14 December, 2018
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Interactive Whiteboards Benefits

Date Added: November 28, 2012 04:13:42 PM
Author: GracePHodge644
Category: Computers & Internet: Internet
1)Interactive-whiteboard is suitable for learners a variety of ages and makes it possible to work collaboratively. 2)It seems and might work just like a conventional-whiteboard. Thus it maintains the familiarity is attempting with the traditional-whiteboard. 3)This is the better choice than just a computer monitor when its pertains to classroom presentation. While through the PC only small number of students are generally given presentation at any given time, with IWB entire class are usually covered quickly as it is often much wider dimensions. 4)An-IWB allows integration of audio, video, graphics, text and animation (from wide selection of media like CD-ROM, Internet, intra net, multimedia projector, DVD, VCD, student response system, TV, radio etc) while using the lessons. As a result it provides don't merely enjoyment and interactivity but more definitely makes the learning process a whole lot more fun. It enables teachers to use different learning styles in order to satisfy the learners' need. As a result it may also help in setting up a personalized learning environment. 5)Anything drawn or written to the interactive-whiteboard-surface could be saved over a computer computer by way of a whiteboard-software. Doing it this way teachers can save and share there work and re-used it subsequently when a repetition is desirable. 6)Contents from websites, blogs, forums, newsgroups, wikis and various online resources are usually triggered the IWB-surface by having a LCD projector. As a result it promotes e-learning. 7)It becomes an ideal tool for conducting brainstorming sessions together with other group activities when found in addition to response-systems. 8)It truly is safer to use when compared to a conventional desktop-computer or laptop. 9)It's really a extremely teaching tool as: it enhances modeling and presentation, allows teachers to produce effective using of classroom-resources, motivates learners, improve communication and will bring in depth clarity even on a topic/subject matter. 10)It is typically intended for interactive video, impressive sales presentations, staff training, meetings, briefings, group discussions etc as well as thus an outstanding ICT product for corporate sector.