18 December, 2018
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Naruto Shippuden characters: Knowing their individuality and expertise

Date Added: August 14, 2013 01:46:45 AM
Author: Jessica Parrent
Category: Arts & Humanities
Possibly, Naruto is the most well-known character in Naruto Shippuden. Nevertheless, did you know that the other characters in this anime series alos have fascinating personalities and expertise? Many of which are the following: Character # 1: Animal Path is a female ninja who originated from the Anima Paths within the Six Paths of Pain. Her expertise includes using Rinnegan and Summoning jutsu. Story: After she was murdered, her body was preserved to become a replacement for the Six Paths of Pain in the Hidden Rain Village. Her body was activated when the original Animal Path was murdered. Since then, Nagato has started using her Rinnegan eyes so he could remotely control her body. Character # 2: Anko Mitarashi is known as an outrageous and energetic ninja who originated from Hidden Leaf Village. Story: Anko is an easy-going and hyperactive person. Yet, Sakura Haruno identifies her as the female version of Naruto simply because each of them have a lot of similarities. Little did everyone know that in spite of her boyish and lively personality, she literally thirsts for bloodstream. When Naruto begins mouthing off the Forest of Dying testing grounds, she placed a kunai, and started grazing Naruto's mouth and set more fear into him by licking the blood on his face. However, when she found out that Orochimaru was in the forest, she hurried to look for him and attempted to utilize a forbidden jutsu in order to kill him. Her actions give her the chance to see him dying in her own arms. Character # 3: Fukasaku is one of the Two Great Sage Toads and trained Naruto to utilize Sage Mode Story: Fukasaku had been respected by people since he is regarded as a wise toad, especially Jiraiya. In spite of this, he often argues childish things with his wife Shima. Like, Shima doesn't want to skip dinner, but he wants to concentrate on an essential fight. These fights seem to become silly to many people but they truly adore each other: it has been established when Shima is grief-stricken over Fukasaku's death because of Pain's Deva Path. These characters may be generally overlooked because of their limited parts, however, their appearance plays a huge role in making the anime series a great one. For more info, visit http://topanimeseries.net/naruto-shippuden-characters/. And learn more on facts and techniques.